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The name is Adam E. Despain. Over the past several years I've not only been working retail full-time, but have also been a full time student. In Spring 2007 I completed my AAS degree in Web Design and later wrapped up the same in Graphic Design that December. More recently in Spring of 2010 I earned another AAS degree in Business Management. Since the late 90's my free time has been and will continue to be devoted to the web and any communications dealing within it. I reside in the Las Vegas Valley and am looking to build a career in any web or graphic based setting. If you have a full time position available or if you need a one time job done as well please contact me. I've already taken too much of your time so please check out the portfolio section, view my hefty list of curriculum, and if anything interests you that I can help you with please hit the 'contact' button to the left and drop me a line.
Adam E. Despain

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