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  AAS Degree for Graphic Technology   AAS Degree for Web Design
  Classics And Rods of Southern Nevada website - Completly designed, owned, operated and maintained by myself since 2003. Contributing software includes the full Adobe Creative Suite with use of Dreamweaver   This is a mockup magazine cover for "Home of Your Own" created entirely in Adobe Illustrator
  The first quarterly installment of Classics And Rods' member newsletter. As a test edition, advertisements and sponsors were used for mockup use only. Created with Adobe InDesign layout software along with use of other members of the Creative Suite (Photoshop & Illustrator)   One of my architectural pieces created in AutoCAD 2004 software.
  Created in Adobe Photoshop, just a simple background image to compliment any desktop. Design emphasizes dimension/depth and reflections   Edited with Adobe Illustrator, I placed B&W line art of mine and added color fills after tracing
  Designed / built in Adobe Photoshop, this "Product Card" was/is used by Kmart (Sears Holdings Coorporation) to display available merchandise that is locked behind the counter to prevent theft. This job was for 12 different cards to fill a 2.5' Planogram, with yearly updates in the future as new product replaces old.   A design created with Adobe Photoshop and finalized in Illustrator, this outline graphic was for a local screen printer doing shirts for the Kahunaville Restaurant's upcoming Soft Ball League.
  My personal members page at features a simple header design, page layout, and also includes a flash version of the page   A message board I designed and implemented to connect stores in certain markets to promote exchange of ideas, knowledge, and understanding of a particular field. The project went well its first couple months after launch, but is currently on hold as we've gone through a transition of supporting management
GRC-275 course works (random techniques)
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